Patagonian Conure

Patagonian Conure


Meet Mason! He’s a spunky little Patagonian parrot dude that knows how to keep you on your feet. He loves anything stuffed and his head tilts whenever he hears a squeak. This little guy will be sure to amuse you with a lifetime of memories. He loves playing and to be outside. Nighttime is the best time however when he start imitating your voice, it’s just priceless. He will come to his new home up to date on his vaccinations. Mason is truly one of a kind, so hurry and pick him! He will be sure to shine and make every day for you happy a one.


Patagonian Conure

Patagonian Conure. The burrowing parrot (Cyanoliseus patagonus), also known as the burrowing parakeet or the Patagonian conure, is a species of parrot native to Argentina and Chile. It belongs to the monotypic genus Cyanoliseus, with four subspecies that are currently recognized. The burrowing parrot is unmistakable with a distinctive white eye ring, white breast marking, olive green body colour, and brightly coloured underparts. Named for their nesting habits, burrowing parrots excavate elaborate burrows in cliff faces and ravines in order to rear their chicks. They inhabit dry, open country up to 2000 m in elevation.[2] Once abundant across Argentina and Chile, burrowing parrot populations have been in decline due to exploitation and persecution


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