Blue Crown Conure

Blue Crown Conure

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Coco likes to play and “talk”. She loves belly rubs and biscuits while watching a good show or sleeping through one. She is a very happy and healthy blue crown conure parrot that is just waiting to bring joy to her forever companion. She is vet checked head to tail and up to date on vaccinations. Don’t miss out on bringing this beautiful girl home. Contact us today


Blue Crown Conure

The Blue Crowned Conure (or Sharp Tailed Conure) is predominantly green all over the body, but as the name indicates, it has a blue crown on the head consisting of two shades of blue. The underside of the tail is a shade of red ranging from pink to dark rust in color.    

1 review for Blue Crown Conure

  1. Michael H

    Thank you. My birds just got here

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